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Building the healthcare practice of your dreams! What's your niche?

Thursday, July 30, 2020 9:51 AM | Anonymous

As many physicians have had to pivot multiple times during this pandemic, so to has our marketing. One thing that hasn't changed is knowing the conditions  you love and excel at managing. While your marketing message may change, your reach and target market hasn't. Every practice has a niche. 

Do you know who your patients are? I don't mean in the sense of knowing their name. I mean do you know who your patients are that you want to treat? What are their conditions? What are their needs? What services do you provide to meet those needs?  

We work in a high burnout profession. To improve your professional quality of life target your medical marketing to  appeal to the patients who have the conditions you want to treat? This means if you have a love of managing migraines - find the specialists in your area who also manage migraines. Love workers comp? Great, look to reaching out to occ. med, orthopedists and other specialists who would be likely to have these patients. 

This might seem obvious but I talk to so many chiropractors who try to appeal to everyone and fail to really specialize in one or two specific niches - often trying to claim patients with all sorts of ailments. From a marketing perspective this doesn't help direct or steer your target market in any specific direction.  I'm not suggesting that you can't be "family" practice oriented. Of course you can, but even this has a special focus and more generalized conditions to talk about in your meetings with MD's. 

Look to your own strengths and passions to appeal to the patients who have the conditions you excel and enjoy treating. Not only will you be more targeted in your outreach but you'll be less likely to suffer from burnout by making yourself available at all time to all patients to ensure your practice remains stable. 

That's the magical opportunity in marketing to medical professionals - you can really be selective and find the MD's in your area to build the practice of your dreams and enhance your professional quality of life! 


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