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3 Tips For Meeting MD's in Your Community

Friday, May 31, 2019 8:38 AM | Anonymous

Can't get past the doctors front desk? Doctor doesn't have time to meet with you? Don't give up! Here are our top three tips to meeting more MD's in your community:

1. Attend your local hospital's Grand Rounds. These are usually free to attend, don't require an RSVP and take place during lunch. Focus on topics that will interest you, allow you to ask intelligent questions, and which would attract other doctors who would likely have patients to refer. To find Grand Rounds in your area, try a Google search with terms like "grand rounds" or "continuing education" along with the name of your local hospital. The more integrated and active you become over time, the more likely you may be the one presenting at Grand Rounds!

2. Network your existing MD relationships. Have a neurologist you know? Ask them to provide an introduction to their internal medicine friends (and other specialists). If that still proves to be difficult in obtaining time, make it worth their time and spike the interest factor by offering to sponsor a small round table discussion on back pain with an existing MD friend and his or her chosen colleagues. Just make sure to make it worth your time by controlling the topic, format, reminders and restaurant reservations! Tip - Have the MD provide the initial invitation.

3. Patient Reports. Patient's medical doctors should be a top priority in your outreach, but if you're having trouble getting time with them go the more subtle route by sending them a patient discharge report. Many DC's routinely receive referrals from MD's they have never met as a direct result of taking the time to send a patient report. A simple short report at discharge (assuming this is not a medical legal case) is all that it takes to illustrate beginning and ending pain levels, treatments and length of treatment to really paint a picture on the efficacy of your care. Your intake forms should provide a space to request patient consent to share their progress, findings and outcomes to any MD they have previously seen for the condition that they are presenting to your office for.

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