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Finding New Opportunities To Meet with MDs

Friday, June 28, 2019 10:04 AM | Anonymous

Can't get past the front desk? Doctor won't meet with you? Don't give up there are other ways to meet MD's! Getting in front of an MD is one of greatest hurdles for most outreach efforts! Here are some ideas to enhance your opportunities!

  • Attend your local hospitals Grand Rounds. These are usually free to attend, don't require an RSVP and take place during lunch. To find them in your area try a Google Search with these key searches "Name of Hospital Grand Rounds" or "Name of Hospital Continuing Ed" Typically these will bring up the calendar of upcoming events. Look to ones that will be of interest to you and will appeal to those physicians you wish to meet. At the very least you'll probably learn something new!
  • Network with the MD's you can meet. If you already have relationships work with them to meet other specialists in their network. It helps open doors if you have an introduction and it helps quickly find the physicians your most likely to have success with. 
  • Patient Reports. Never underestimate the power of patient reports. Many DC's routinely receive referrals from MD's they have never met but did send reports to. Make it a habit to ask your patients to communicate with their MD's about their care and send a final report. 
  • Attend DO continuing education seminars. Many states allow some of these CE credits to apply to chiropractic CE's. This provides a great opportunity to sit side by side and meet physicians in your community. 

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