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Plan Now for NCHM!

Monday, July 15, 2019 12:34 PM | Anonymous

It's not to early to start planning for National Chiropractic Health Month. I know it's not until October but you need to be ready to go on October 1st, not start planning. This is a great time to not only engage your current patients and attract new ones it's also a wonderful opportunity to work on your new and existing medical relationships. 

To execute without pressure and to make the greatest impact, now is the time to start making initial plans, especially if you plan on placing any paid advertisement ads, renting space,  ordering specialty food and placing branded product orders. As all of these cost money, planning early ensures you have time to shop around and plan your budget. 

ACA will soon be providing members with a NCHM campaign kit which will further aid in simplifying your events! But events such as these are not just for October, they can also be planned to boost the times in a practice that would otherwise be slow.

January is a great example, when deductibles are reset and holiday spending is being paid off. August is another when families plan the last of summer vacations and pack in the rest of the summer festivities. November and December bring along the rush of the Holiday season and travel. All of these times interrupt the natural weekly rhythm and statistics of even the most established offices. 

When you look at your practice stats do you see months that tend to have dips in them? If so, plan public relations events just in front of these slower times, or look to use these quieter practice times to book more public relations events and plan your other marketing efforts for a strong start when the normal routines return.

Events can range from small daily office events to larger events such as community health talks. Each month, each week and each day has something that can be used to boost practice engagement and presence to help overcome anticipated practice lulls. But to be successful and mindful of spending, planning a couple of months in advance will yield the best results!

Like what you're reading? Consider our monthly membership at only $4.95/month for more detailed planning tips, more articles and best marketing practices. 


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