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Overcoming Referral Hurdles: 2 Reasons an MD May Not Be Referring to You

Thursday, August 15, 2019 4:30 PM | Anonymous

You've had a positive meeting with an MD but you haven't seen any referrals. There are several likely causes but the two most common reasons are:

1. Old habits die hard. An MD may have truly appreciated your approach and information with every intention of referring patients. However, they get busy and their regular routine is easy to fall back into. To overcome this problem make sure you are maintaining consistent outreach and when you are able to speak again, talk about their patients who aren't getting better with the regular approach, or patients who have tried and failed traditional care. This last step is effective at reminding them of your services when faced with a difficult patient as another possible solution when the "habitual" routine fails. Consistency on your part, will result in consistency on their part. 

2. Objections. Did you uncover every objection the MD had? An objection can be any reason at all that simply means they aren't yet sold and not every MD will be forthcoming. You have to control the conversation and make sure you are asking questions that will help the physician voice any concerns. These can range from more serious concerns over safety to more simple ones such as insurance coverage and cost. The objections will vary from doctor to doctor which is why following a sales algorithm is so critical. If you're going to take the time to meet with MDs don't you want to make sure you actually get the referrals? If so, you need to know that it is not only about the features and benefits of your care but also uncovering and addressing physician concerns. If not, even the best presentation may fall flat.

If a physician you have met with has not referred, then next time you speak, ask them if a question or concern has come up since you last spoke. This will allow you to respond to and overcome an objection to get things on track. 

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