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Building a Referral Practice Through Patient Reports

Monday, September 16, 2019 3:42 PM | Anonymous

It's important to maintain contact with medical doctors to reinforce patient outcomes and rapport. One of the easiest ways to achieve this goal is to provide a release from care summary report. Reports are also a great opportunity to foster new referral relationships. While all health professionals are inundated with paperwork (electronic or otherwise) the thought of sending a report once a patient has completed care may almost induce a tear or two. Not to worry, non medical legal summary reports for the purposes of informing and updating a physician on a patients results isn't as bad as you think.  Here is a quick outline of how to make it consistently easy. On your letterhead include:


Patient Information


Physician Address

Dear Dr.:

Below you will find a brief overview of Patient’s Name progress with our office.  

Paragraph 1: Overview of initial symptoms emphasizing the impact on ADL's and pain qualities - bring the patients pain and disability to life. For most patients this can be completed within a few sentences. (members may log in for an example on how this might be easily phrased)

Paragraph 2: Summarize your findings and treatment, home care and work place modifications. Again, this is simply an overview. You're not listing every positive exam finding or how many times a week etc.. It's an overview, a summary.  (members may log in for an example on how this might be phrased as an overview)

Paragraph 3: A simple sentence indicating final results. 

For more detailed information regarding "patient name", please feel free to contact me at the above  number. 


Your name & specialty

cc: any other physicians who may have been involved with this patient for this particular condition

This is a very basic summary for the purposes of providing an update to a referring physician or at the patients request. Hint: You should be asking every patient for permission to correspond with other primary care or specialists who have a need to be updated on that particular patients care.  It takes minimal effort if done on a daily basis. 


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