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Overcoming Nerves That Spook Your Medical Outreach Efforts!

Thursday, October 31, 2019 9:48 PM | Anonymous

Nerves and anxiety are a normal process no matter how experienced you are but can greatly hinder efforts of medical outreach.  If nerves are paralyzing you from acting try applying the following 3 tips:

Tip 1. Start with baby steps. Select smaller offices with 1 to 3 providers and have a goal that is attainable. Maybe it’s simply to open the door and drop off an introductory package with the staff. As you get more comfortable you’ll be able to build confidence and take your outreach to the next level (meeting the doctor or trying larger practices).

Tip 2. Research the physicians you are calling on prior to meeting with them.

This can be done through a simple internet search. Pubmed can provide insight from articles the MD may have published or responses to other published research. Google searches can bring up professional activities, patient comments and of course the MD's own practice website. Each of these helps you understand clinical rational, bedside manner (or personality) and professional interests or memberships.

Nothing helps quell nerves more than having an idea on the type of person you are about to meet. More importantly, it helps you prepare for a more meaningful conversation. 

Tip 3: Have a meaningful conversation

Many doctors trying to forge MD Referral Relationships make the mistake of overwhelming the physician with every condition they treat and every service they provide. Unfortunately its not memorable and its not conversational. Utilizing a conversational method to have a strategic conversation that focuses on meaningful information the doctor is interested in hearing about and uncovering and responding to specific objections. Tip 2 above can provide insight to help you determine your conversational path and apply a conversational sales approach.

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