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Maintaining Contact With MDs Without Feeling Like a Pest!

Wednesday, March 10, 2021 6:19 AM | Anonymous

Maintaining consistent contact with MD’s means you remain in the forefront of their mind for possible services for their patients. But how do you maintain appropriate contact without being a pest? We’ll try to capture some of our more popular ideas in this tip of the week.

  • Topping the list - patient reports. Why?  Nothing sings your praises louder than results in a patient that an MD has seen struggle. Your discharge report should be limited to one page if possible and produced in a timely manner.  Try walking the report in and in under a minute you should be able to summarize the care directly with the MD. A phone call also works, but nothing beats a face to face interaction and it provides an excellent excuse for personal outreach. 

  • Grand Rounds. Google your local hospitals “Grand Rounds” or lecture series which take place anywhere from daily to monthly to quarterly depending on the size of the hospital. These are free lectures open to the health care community where you can sit shoulder to shoulder with the medical doctors in your community enhancing professional relationships.  This is a great way to maintain contact and to establish new relationships. Even better – consider presenting a lecture or case report of your own.

  • Literature. It is always a plus to point out pivotal research. It places you as the expert in your  field, illustrates your commitment to continued education and underscores that chiropractic is a research based profession. Whether you simply send a paper or visual aid referencing research via mail or email, it’s one avenue for maintaining contact between face to face encounters.

  • Holidays. The holidays are an excellent opportunity for face to face interactions where physicians are more likely to be relaxed and open to casual conversations and rapport building. Small gifts (branded or not) provide the opportunity to arrive unannounced - just make sure it's during a time where you can get a quality hello, such as the beginning of lunch. Gifts aren't a guarantee you'll get time, so make sure you are prepared and have a personal card attached.

There are multiple ways to maintain contact. Find what works for you so you don't find yourself 8 months down the road with lackluster results and  awkwardly trying to reestablish contact.


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