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Getting Started in 2020

Wednesday, January 15, 2020 1:45 PM | Anonymous

Getting Started in 2020

The start of a New Year is always an opportunity to set new goals, review office policies and put new plans in place. Here are some ideas for jumpstarting your medical outreach for 2020:

1. Plan your public talks! Look at dates, occasions (such as health observances) and put them on your calendar. Add to your January to-do list notes to book any necessary venues and reach out to other physicians you may wish to present with.

2. Make your list and check it twice. This is especially important to new chiropractic practices and for those who may be reflecting on areas of improvement. Look to your own patient base, Google Maps and Yelp to ensure you have a targeted list of MD’s that you want to expand, renew or begin a professional relationship with.

3. Plan your lunches. If lunches are something you are interested in doing why not take the opportunity to work the phone lines and plan some lunches for the first quarter?  

4. Prepare your marketing material. As you meet doctors, as you plan a paper marketing campaign or as you write patient reports, have marketing material on hand. Consider printing out 3 medical newsletters – one each for January, February and March.  Have your staff address all of them to your target list, and note in your schedule on which dates they should be dropped in the mail. Keep extras on hand as you add doctors to your marketing list. Getting this out of the way now puts your mind at rest, minimizes the task and allows you to focus on other areas of marketing and business operations. Other items – practice brochures and a curriculum vitae which are great to attach to patient reports for doctors you have not yet met. Premium members – please review my tips on creating simple, effective, unique and personal newsletters available in the members blog. 

5. Have systems in place! Having a system in place makes the task of jumbling medical outreach seem less over whelming. Noting in your schedule when a newsletter should be mailed along with knowing it is already prepared and ready to go, removes clutter from your brain by removing the need to wonder when the next one is coming up and scrambling to get it done and out. Consistency is critical in this type of marketing.  Equally important are having systems in place for tracking medical outreach. If you have a patient come in, are you getting their medical doctors information and consent to share their progress? If you do, are you taking time to write a summary report? Keep in mind, reports should not be overwhelming or lengthy.  A one page summary of what the patient presented with and your treatment plan keeps it short and simple (unless of course this is a workers comp or medical-legal situation).

Start 2020 off right by making sure you have systems in place to maintain consistency and ease of marketing.


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