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Membership Benefits

Currently I offer three options to join.

  1. Our free weekly newsletter with it's own tips and tricks different from my blog and lessons. 
  2. Two blogs, the first an open access free blog published twice a month, the second a members only blog for $4.95/mo with 2 to 3 posts a week.
  3. A comprehensive on demand e-learning course with certificate of completion. Made up of three different modules you can purchase as you go and learn at your own pace. 

Explore the options below to find which one might best suite your needs!

Build Medical Referrals

Through my on demand e-course I'll take you through a comprehensive medical outreach campaign to help build bridges with medical offices in your community and increase patient access to your services.


Emailed once a week a recap of recent news that relates to medical marketing and healthcare businesses.

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Learn & Explore

You aren't alone! We have so many CAM colleagues that help provide feedback through our chat forums and blog. Pose a question to a difficult marketing situation or answer one of our members. I hope that through this website we can learn to help each other!

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