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Book Publications

Acampora, C. Marketing Chiropractic to Medical Practices. Jones and Bartlett Publishers, 2009

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5 Easy Tips to Generating Valuable Medical Referrals Now Hosted by Dynamic Chiropractic

Dr. Christina Acampora Teaches MD Marketing Hosted by Circle of Docs

Interviews & Press Mentions

Lehman, J., Obamacare: Threats, Options and Opportunities Dynamic Chiropractic

Palmer College of Chiropractic West. "Dr. Christina Acampora advances the chiropractic conversation with M.D.'s Fall 2012

Journal Publications

Acampora, C. Top 5 Ways to Integrate with Medical Doctors Illinois Practice Edge; June 2019

Acampora, C. Medical referrals offer a stable source of new patients Chiropractic Economics; January 2019

Acampora, C. Communicating with MD’s: Information Control ACA News; May 2016 (Final Issue of ACA News)

Acampora, C. NSAID Warnings: Missed Opportunities for Integration? ACA News; April 2016

Acampora, C. PT’s and DCs: How Can We Work Together? ACA News; March 2016

Acampora, C. Chiropractic Staff Enablement ACA News; Jan/Feb 2016

Acampora, C. Growing Your Practice in 2016 ACA News; November 2015

Acampora, C. Becoming Part of the Team: ACOs and Integration Strategies DC Practice Insights; November 2015

Acampora, C. Meeting MD’s Needs Through Pain Resolution ACA News; October 2015

Acampora, C. 5 Tips to Build an Integrated Care Practice ACA News; August 2015

Acampora, C. Revenue Forecasting: MD Referral Perspective ACA News; May 2015

Acampora, C. Interview with American Institute of Personal Injury Physician’s Scott Tauber, DC ACA News; April 2015

Acampora, C. Top 5 Strategies for Effective Medical Marketing ACA News; March 2015

Acampora, C. Medical Marketing Priorities for 2015 ACA News; January/February 2015

Acampora, C. Move Forward by Networking ACA News; December 2014

Acampora, C. Creating a Routine for Medical Outreach ACA News; November 2014

Acampora, C. Conservative Care First: Spinal Manipulation Not Medication ACA News; October 2014

Acampora, C. Starting Points in Medical Outreach New York State Chiropractic Association, September 2014

Acampora, C. Integration Maximization: Interview with Dr. Vinicius Franco ACA News; August 2014

Acampora, C. A Process for Building Medical Relationships ACA News; June/July 2014

Acampora, C. Central Illinois Neuroscience Foundation: A Model of Integration ACA News; April 2014

Acampora, C. How One DC Built a Medical Referral Practice: An Interview with Dr. Steven Troyanovich ACA News; March 2014

Acampora, C. MDs and DCS Side by Side ACA News; January/February 2014

Acampora, C. Referrals in a Busy Season ACA News; December 2013

Acampora, C. Talking to MD’s – Lesson’s Learned ACA News; November 2013

Acampora, C. Integration: A Conversation with the Neuroscience Institute ACA News; October 2013

Acampora, C. Creating Awareness of DC Services ACA News; September 2013

Acampora, C. Reaching MD’s ACA News; August 2013

Acampora, C. Managing Back Pain by Specialty ACA News; June/July 2013

Acampora, C. Collaboration and Chiropractic ACA News; May 2013

Acampora, C. Growing Referrals Using Technology ACA News; April 2013

Acampora, C. Talk Up What You Know ACA News; March 2013

Acampora, C. Improving Integration in 2013 ACA News; Jan/Feb 2013

Acampora, C. Patient Education to Meaningful Medical Conversations ACA News; November 2012

Acampora, C. NCHM: Jump In To Attract Patients ACA News; October 2012

Acampora, C. Research: Conversational Foundation ACA News; September 2012

Acampora, C. Marketing 101: Meaningful Conversations ACA News; August 2012

Acampora, C. Networking: Don’t Forget the PA’s and Nurses ACA News; June 2012

Acampora, C. Hosting an MD Open House ACA News; May 2012

Acampora, C. That MD Referral ACA News; April 2012

Acampora, C. Navigational Tips for Medical Outreach ACA News; March 2012

Acampora, C. Increasing Community Awareness of Chiropractic Services On Target an Ohio State Chiropractic Association Publication. Jan/Feb 2012

Acampora, C. My Chiropractic Dream ACA News; January 2012

Acampora, C. Healthy Referral Relationships ACA News; December 2011

Acampora, C. What’s My Brand? ACA News; November 2011

Acampora, C. Marketing TechnoHealthy for NCHM ACA News; October 2011

Acampora, C. Stand Out Via Social Media with co-author Kim Beebe ACA News; September 2011

Acampora, C. Mutual MD/DC Relationships ACA News; August 2011

Acampora, C. Educate and Grow ACA News; July 2011

Acampora, C. Promoting Chiropractic Care; Beyond Manipulation ACA News; June 2011

Acampora, C. Promoting a Rehab Practice. ACA News; May 2011

Acampora, C. Public Health in Your Community. ACA News; April 2011

Acampora, C. Turning the Tide: It’s Time for Chiropractors to Play a Prominent Role in Public Outreach on the Stroke Issue. ACA News; March 2011

Acampora, C.* File Sharing: Share Notes and Reports with Other Health Care Specialists, With Thorough Documentation. ACA News; February 2011 (*Co-Authored with Ingrando, N)

Acampora, C. Help Referral Sources Find You: Tailor Your Website to Medical Visitors ACA News; December 2010

Acampora, C. Target the Right Market: Learn How to Prequalify Your Leads ACA News; November 2010

Acampora, C. Beyond the Spine, Marketing Your Practice through Collaborative Public Health Lectures ACA News; September 2010

Acampora, C. Building Bridges with Medical Physicians, Start Promoting Your Practice Before You Graduate. ACA News; Student Section, August 2010  Co-authored with N. Ingrando, DC

Acampora, C. Educate Medical Physicians Through Newsletters. ACA News, July 2010

Acampora, C. Joint Effort, Expand your referral networks to providers treating TMJD ACA News; May 2010

Acampora, C. Medical Referrals, The Approach Matters Journal of the California Chiropractic Association, Vol. 35, Issue 2. Spring 2010

Acampora, C. Training Your Marketing Ambassadors, Enlisting the help of your staff ACA News; April 2010

Acampora, C. Writing Effective Patient Reports ACA News; March 2010

Acampora, C. Presenting Clinical Case Studies, Simplified ACA News; February 2010

Acampora, C. Marketing to Medical Professionals Journal of the California Chiropractic Association, Vol. 35, Issue 1. Winter 2010

Acampora, C. Training Your Marketing Ambassadors. ACA News; January 2010

Acampora, C. The ABC’s of Interprofessional Marketing ACA News; December 2009

Acampora, C. Outreach to Medical Physicians ACA News; November 2009

Acampora, C. Promoting to MD’s: Anatomy of a Sales Presentation. Chiropractic Economics, Issue 13, August 2008

Acampora, C. The Path to Medical Referrals. Journal of American Chiropractic Association, 2008, July; 45 (5): 6-8

Acampora, C. Making First Contact. Chiropractic Products; April 2008

Acampora, C. The Medical Community and You: Building Relationships. Chiropractic Economics, Issue 5, April 2008

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