Hi, my name is Christina Acampora. Welcome to my website and e-learning virtual classroom!

I wrote the first of it’s kind book “Marketing Chiropractic to Medical Practices” published by Jones and Bartlett in 2007 and in 2008 I launched Aligned Methods, a website dedicated to continuing the marketing education we lacked in our educational careers, with a heavy emphasis on building medical relationships.

Not only am I a chiropractor (Palmer West alum 1992), I also have a background in sales, specifically with medical physicians. By combining these two professions I created a medical outreach approach that educates the medical community about chiropractic care with a strong evidence based approach. I know how to market to medical professionals, I know what they want to hear and with over 10 years experience I have a real pulse on what works and what doesn’t.

When you sign up for my services you sign up with me – not one of my employee’s. My e-course takes you through the process and includes personal conversations with me to learn more about your practice and modify the approach so it suits the practice you want to build and treat the patient conditions that you excel at treating. When practice life is a stable flow of patients you excel at treating, professional satisfaction (and profits!) soar.

I have written multiple articles for our state and national associations. You can view them here. I have done multiple webinars and speaking engagements on the topic of Building Medical Referral Practices. Some links to my webinars can be viewed here.  I have helped multiple chiropractors like yourself. You can view their testimonials here.

I love teaching. I love it so much in addition to this website and my consultations, I teach the Introduction to Marketing course at National University of Health Sciences in Lombard, IL.  I would love to help you too!

My personal life is just as busy. I live in the Chicago area and have three kids. My son  is 17 and off to college in the fall of 2018 – guess what he wants to do? Teach! My daughter  is 13 and we will start the cycle of high school all over again in 2018. My third daughter is 8 and really makes me appreciate how fast kids grow up. I also have two large dogs,  a black lab mix and  a Rhodesian Ridgeback.  My husband  is also in sales and a great sounding board for my work. Making the most of our personal lives is deeply enriched when we are happy professionally. If I can help you, I hope you’ll sign up or reach out to me for answers  on how my services might help you.

Warmest regards,


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